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– – Click on images to see the event organisers updates on arrangements given Covid-19 – –

The Federated and Distributed Machine Learning Conference

June 18-19, 2020


Distributed Deep Learning and Inference Without Sharing Raw Data will be discussed

GECCO 2020

July 8-12, 2020


Jim Torreson will address ethical challenges within evolutionary computation applications.

AI for Business Summit

August 4-6, 2020

Sydney, Australia

Best practises to scale and operationalise AI

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data

August 17-18, 2020

Online Webinar

Latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Engineering

World Summit on Artificial Intelligence

August 24-25, 2020

Online Webinar

WSAI 2020 is a content-focused online event

The AI Summit London 2020

September 2-3, 2020

London, UK

Lee Glazier discusses how AI Ethics can be proceduralised

AI Expo Africa

September 3-4, 2020

Cape Town, South Africa

Africa's largest B2B AI / RPA Trade Show and Conference.

Intelligent Health 2020 Switzland

September 9-10, 2020

Basel, Switzland

Prevent and solve the world’s greatest healthcare problems

Money Europe 2020

September 22-24, 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the case study subjects is how data can monetised ethically.

World Summit AI

October 7-8, 2020

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Includes discussions on AI and ethics and AI4good

AI World Congress

October 23-25, 2020

Boston, MA, USA

SEMINAR: Making AI Trustworthy

AI World Conference & Expo

October 23-25, 2020

London, UK

How do we teach moral and ethics to the machines?

AI World Government Conference

October 28-30, 2020

Washington, USA

Accelerating innovation in the public sector

AI Big Data Expo North America 2020

November 4-5, 2020

California, USA

Latest innovations within AI & Big Data.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence: EVIDENCE MEETING

November 16, 2020

London, UK

Exploring the impact and implications of AI.

AI Big Data Expo Europe 2020

November 24-25, 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Latest innovations within AI & Big Data

The AI Summit New York 2020

December 9-10, 2020

New York, USA

An event globally to focus exclusively on the impact of AI in business

Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada

March 3-4, 2021

Toronto, Canada

Largest cross-industry big data, analytics, AI and machine learning conference in Canada.


CogX 2020

June 8-10, 2020

London, UK

Festival of AI, Blockchain and Breakthrough Technologies | CXO Exchange

ICRA 2020

June 1, 2020


International Conference on Robotics and Automation

Applied AI Virtual Summit

May 21, 2020


Kay Firth-Butterfield will discuss why AI Ethics matters

Automation and AI (ICAAL 2020)

May 21-22, 2020

Online Webinars

Large conference with 27 tracks including Ethics of AI (track 21)

Rise of AI

May 13-14, 2020

Online Virtual Chats

2,000 AI experts discuss AI for society, politics and economy.

Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS 2020)

May 9-10, 2020

Auckland, New Zealand

Theories, architectures, languages, platforms, methods for multi-agent systems.

AI Ethics and Society

February 7-8, 2020

New York, USA

3rd AAAI / ACM Conference on artificial intelligence, ethics and society (AIES)

AI Collaboration Forum - Ethics in AI

February 7, 2020

London, UK

Cross-sector collaboration to help regulate AI

Intelligent Health UK 2020

February 5, 2020

London, UK

Event details available from their website (click image to the left).

ACM FAT* Conference 2020

January 27-30, 2020

Barcelona, Spain

Fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems

AI Latin America

January 21-23, 2020

Cambridge, USA

Collaborative relationships across Latin-America for social benefit

The AI Summit

December 11-12, 2019

New York, USA

8 tracks including healthcare and cybersecurity

Barclays AI Frenzy - Breakfast

December 10, 2019

Cambridge, UK

Breakfast discussion of AI topics

How AI and Big Data Reshapes the World - and Us

December 5, 2019

Chelmsford, UK

Implications for society from Anglia Ruskin University

Intelligent Automation

December 2-3, 2019

New Orleans, USA

Brings together 400+ executives to discuss opportunities and benefits.

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