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I am Belona SONNA, grad student in Machine Intelligence from African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). I am an Ethics AI enthusiast and I would like to pursue my career in that path as a research scientist. I have been chatting with Rod about the growth of this group since November 2019 and we really started to work together early in January 2020. Infact, we would like to bring more people to the group so that can we can share events, news about Ethics, policy , fairness and all the fields related to AI Ethics. Early this month @Rod Rivers and @Prue Butterworth decided to give me the management of the group. This post serves to announce it and to encourage you to keep the group alive by posting, commenting. Don’t hesitate to be in touch with me for any idea you think can enhance the visibility of the group and bring more people in.

See more about the group at: https://robotethics.co.uk/linkedin/

my linked in account is : https://www.linkedin.com/in/belona-sonna/