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Examples of activities that raise ethical issues

Robot Commenters Accidentally Expose Themselves on China’s Weibo Platform

Written by Oiwan Lam

Chinese netizens are having a good laugh over the mechanized missteps of government-controlled robot commenters, who have been criticizing messages sent by their own masters.


What’s in a Scarf? A Robot Restaurant in Bangladesh Serves up Controversy

Written by পান্থ রহমান রেজা (Panth. Translated by Rezwan

A female robot had been seen wearing an “orna” or scarf, which is worn by devout Muslim girls after puberty in Bangladesh.


Russians Are Receiving Some Uncanny Answers From Alisa, Tech Giant Yandex’s Siri Competitor

Written by Fabrice Deprez

On October 10 2017, Russian tech giant Yandex rolled out Alisa, its first voice assistant for iOS and Android.