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A selection of websites where AI Ethics jobs are often advertised.

AI Ethics Jobs
AI Ethics Jobs

I have put together this jobs page to help young researchers and developers find jobs, internships and post-doctoral opportunities in the growing number of organisations working in AI policy, governance or ethical applications of AI to real world problems. I hope it is helpful and would welcome feedback to improve the page or add more organisations. Belona Sonna – April 2020



DeepMind is one of the well known firms doing state of art research in AI. They are committed to use AI methods to solve real world problems. They are based in UK with several other labs in Canada, US and France. They are interested in science in general as well as AI. They are working in applications of AI to disciplines such as healthcare, ethics, policy and many other areas. They have a career page that offers many opportunities of jobs and internships. They have a special page of open positions in how to use AI for the future good of society. Personally, I believe that anyone at any stage of research can find their way in the organisation.

Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence

Center for Human -Compatible Artificial Intelligence is a multi-institution focused on the thrust of AI research related to provably beneficial systems. They work with both academic and non-academic partners enhance the fit between their solutions and real world problems. They are based in California. They offer three types of positions: internships, research collaboration and post-doc positions. If these opportunities are not a good fit for you it is possible to contact them and express your interest. This is a good organisation for people interested in AI safety and control.

Benevolent AI

London, New York, Cambridge

Benevolent AI is an international company working in healthcare. They are interested in using AI to improve the quality of care of patients by making drugs more effective. They are based in London, New York and Cambridge, UK. They have a career page and offer three types of positions: PhD sponsorships, internships and several open positions. They are specialised in AI in medicine in general. The internships offered are for people of all levels of experience. If you are interested in AI in health, this is a good place to look.

Partnership on AI

San Francisco
Partnership on AI, based in San Francisco, is an organisation concerned with the interaction of AI and society. They are engaged in AI and social good, social and societal influences of AI and themes around good practices. They have a career page and offer positions and fellowships. If you are interested in the social and ethical aspect of AI, this is worth a look.


Borealis AI

BOREALIS AI is research lab based in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Wateroo). They cover deep learning domains, as well as privacy and fairness in AI. They have a career page that proposes three types of jobs: internships, employment and fellowships. This organization does not have a special department for AI ethics AI but they care about it when doing their projects. As they offer opportunities at different levels of experience, anyone interested in the AI field can find their way there. I would strongly recommend Master student and young researcher in AI to have a look on their websites. It can be a good opportunity to publish on one of the best conference in AI such as NeuRIPS, ICML, ICLR etc.



Affectiva is a worldwide organisation interested in developing AI that understands human emotion in order to be more integrate better with society. For now, their projects are around automotive AI, market research and social robotics. They have a career page that propose several position in several locations in the world including Boston, USA and Cairo, Egypt. If you are interested in Emotional AI and robotics, this could be a good place .

The Allen Institute for AI

The Allen Institute for AI is a research centre concerned with AI for the common good. They are based in US and offer positions to people coming Worldwide with Visa sponsorship. They are mostly interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer vision. They have a career page that offers many positions and internships. For internship, PhD students can apply all over the year, while others should apply for a specific period (Winter,Spring, Summer,Fall ). If you are interested in NLP and/or computer vision, and want to work on real world problems for the common good, this could be your place.


Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

Centre for the Study of Existential Risk is an interdisciplinary institution studying the mitigation of existential risks in general. They are based at the University of Cambridge in UK and are concerned about the the risks associated by emerging technologies such as AI systems. They have a career page that often advertises open positions in their teams. If you are interested in the risks that humanity faces with the use of AI, this institution might be of interest to you.

The Leverhulme Centre for Future of Intelligence

The Leverhulme Centre for Future of Intelligence is a research collaboration involving several universities in the UK. Their goal is to build a new community of researchers that care about world policy and the impact of AI systems on humanity in the future. They have a careers page that advertises open positions. They are an interdisciplinary community open for research collaboration. If you care about the impact of AI on humanity, you should visit their page and contact them.

The Alan Turing Institute

The Alan Turing Institute is a well-known institution furthering AI for the wellbeing of people. They are a diverse community and believe that everyone should be treated with respect. They support many AI communities such as Women in Data Science and AI. They conduct projects in a wide variety of domains . They have a career page that offers jobs, studentships, internships and research funding. Personally, I believe that is place to be if you are interested in building worldwide solutions with AI.


Future of Humanity Institute

The Future of Humanity Institute is an interdisciplinary institution based at the University of Oxford in UK. They cover policy in relation to AI and humanity including governance of AI, AI strategy and biotechnology. They are in partnerships with other well-known institutions such as DeepMind. They have a career page that offers open positions and fellowships. If you are interested in participating in multidisciplinary work and tackling AI policy, this institution might interested you.






San Francisco
OpenAI is a research laboratory based in San Francisco with a mission to ensure that AI benefits all humanity. They have a job page that advertises open positions in their labs. They do not have a specific department that focuses on AI ethics but are no doubt concerned about fairness and ethics in their projects. If you are interested in tackling real world problems with ethical AI, this could be your place.


AI for Good



AI for Good is an community based organisation in UK that helps to tackle tough humanitarian challenges with AI. They produce AI solutions that make the world fairer. They do not have a jobs page but provide the opportunity to join their team with your own project. Working with them could be very interesting for anyone who wanted to make an impact in the society through AI. I would strongly encourage people at every level of experience to visit the webpage.



The Institute for Ethical AI and Machine Learning

The Institute for Ethical AI and Machine Learning is based in the UK and is made up of data scientist, policy makers and academics. Their mission is to develop standards for data governance and machine learning. Currently they are accepting request to join the ethical ML network (BETA). The joining criteria are described on their website. They do not have any job page but they offer the possibility to contact and join them. If you are excited to be in an worldwide AI network and tackle real world problems, this might be interested you.





AI Now

New York

AI Now Institute is an interdisciplinary research community focused on the social implications of AI. It is based at the University of New York. They have a career page that advertises open positions and some internships opportunities and postdoctoral researcher position. If you are researcher at any level of expertise and tackle projects about social implications of AI , it might be of interested to you.


AI Ethics Job Board


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