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The Linkedin Group for AI and Robot Ethics welcomed its 150th members in October 2019.

Current members’ job titles include African Artificial Intelligence Evangelist, AI Enthusiast, AI Ethics & Law, AI Ethics Lead, AI Ethics Researcher, Antitrust & regulatory advisor, Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision engineer, Associate Data Scientist, Associate Professor Information and Computer Sciences, Barrister, Business Strategy AI Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Data & Insight Manager, Director of AI, Director of Knowledge and Innovation, Director of Policy, Director of UX, Diversity & Inclusion Campaigner, Ethical technology, Ethical Technology | Public Policy, Futurist, Group Vice President: Data Science, Head of Data Science, Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Machine Learning Researcher, Philanthropist, Prof. Computer Science, Professor in Digital Economy, Public Speaker, Research Associate, Robots – RPA specialist, Senior Competition and Technology lawyer, Senior Data Scientist, Sex-Robot Researcher, Smart Cities, and Smartphone Product Planning.

Companies that members work for include AI for Good, Apple, Arm (ML Group), AssurUs Patient Safety Solutions, Barclays AI Eagle Labs, Center for Human-Compatible AI, Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit – MRC Cambridge, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Doteveryone, Google, HSBC,Loughborough University, Montreal AI Ethics Institute, Nationwide Building Society, Oracle, PwC, United Nations, University of Exeter, Vision4health, Women in Machine Learning & Data Science, Women Leading in AI Network.

Any views expressed by individuals posting to the LinkedIn group or on the website are assumed to be those of the author and not any organisation they are employed by or are connected with.

See a statement of the principles and positioning of the Linkedin group and AIethics.AI

It’s great to see the group (started in June 2019) grow so rapidly, especially with people working in the ethics and regulation of AI and robotic systems. This is a non-commercial group intended to identify people working in AI ethics, build a repository of knowledge (see http://aiethics.ai), and develop / disseminate AI ethics knowledge and skills into practice world-wide.

Please encourage others you know to join this community, especially if they work in policy, research, design or development of AI, and want to keep up to date with the ethical issues. We estimate that we need at least 1,000 members to get to a critical mass where people are regularly finding and posting relevant items that others in the group would find useful. Please play a part in this by starting conversations and posting items. We also welcome part-time volunteers to work developing aiethics.ai. We will also consider sponsorship of parts of the aiethics.ai site by organisations working in ethics, regulation, research and policy.

This is a standard Linkedin group that you can request to join. The group can be found at: